18 Lunch Ideas for Kids & Grownups

Chicken Nuggets – Make & Freeze

Crispy Potato Smiley – Make & Freeze

Potato Croquettes

Mini Pizza on Pan – Make & Freeze

French Toast

Chicken & Vegetable Sandwich

Bread Pizza Recipe On Pan

Japanese Pancakes Dorayaki

Basic Pancakes

Chicken & Mayonnaise Sandwiches – Make & Freeze

Potato Sandwiches – Make & Freeze

Potato & Cheese Sticks – Make & Freeze

Potato Cutlets – Make & Freeze

Potato Cheese Balls – Make & Freeze

Pita Bread Veg Pizza

Chicken Popcorn – Make & Freeze

Chicken Patties – Make & Freeze

Potato Puffs

Author: Cooking With Safina

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